Best italian food in Miami: where it is?

Culture, fashion, great personalities but not only, Italy is recognized all over the world for a unique and indispensable factor: food! The Italian culinary culture is in fact a hallmark of our country; a characteristic recognized, appreciated and sought just about everywhere. Good food is the basis of Italian history, it is very simple but paradoxically impossible to imitate. Italian food has always been an ambassador in the world, of the love we put into the production of everything we eat and drink.

The Mediterranean diet, the Italian one to be clear, corresponds to the healthiest food regime there is. In addition to being healthy, Italian food is also good. All the best Italian food in Miami. From the north to the south of the peninsula, passing through the islands, each region has its own specialties that are worth tasting at least once in their lifetime. And what about the best Italian food in Miami?

If tagliatelle, spaghetti and maccheroni also maintain the original Italian cultural identity in the American experience, we can not say the same of the other food symbol of our traditional gastronomy, pizza, which has become a full-fledged citizen of the world and is prepared in many corners of the globe from fast food or take away: soft slices, streamlined and scented to be grabbed directly from the cardboard and bite sitting on a bench or on the sofa, in front of the TV.

The irresistible goodness and versatile soul of pizza have made it the best Italian food in Miami and have transformed it, adapting it to different cultures, needs and ingredients. Those who found themselves eating it outside the national borders know it well. Foreigners, for example, go crazy for our pasta, which is now popular in all the supermarkets of the various countries, both dry and fresh and filled: for them, however, they are all “Maccaroni”, any pasta format is proposed and represent the best Italian food in Miami.